Jain5 is a game developed to teach and test concepts of Jainism starting with fundamentals to most advanced topics. The primary objective of developing this game is to educate and to create awareness about Jainism among the youth, adults and kids. We have added best sounds, graphics to make process of learning basic Jainism concepts more fun-filled and interesting, we aim at luring more and more people to learn about Jainism. We want to take a step ahead in propagating Jainism by means of this game.

Jain5 has more than 900 questions based on very simple and root topics of Jainism. By playing this game, you will able to learn Jainism's fact very quickly and in fun way.

Following are few top features of this game.

  • A database of more than 900 questions so that each time you play you get new set of questions
  • Multiple choice questions. 5 correct and 4 incorrect choices for each questions
  • "Hints" to help you to mark the correct answers (Limited hints only)
  • "Skip" question if you don't want to play it (Limited skips only)
  • Attractive sound and animation
  • Increased level of complexity of questions
  • Once user registered with the game server, Jain5 game can be played offline. 450+ questions are bundled with game. When questions are exhausted, application would ask to fetch next set of questions from server. This gives you a seamless offline game play while you are travelling or out of internet for other reasons.

Please provide feedback / suggestions to info@jaingames.org.

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