Floating Letters is another jain game in our series of games, intended to provide another most innovative way to learn fundamentals of Jainism. Like our previous games, this game is also built targeting every age of audience. We've added attractive sounds and animations to make game more interesting specially for children & we hope everyone would love it! Here are key exciting features of this game.

  • Floating letters across your mobile screen with an attractive animation
  • Put letters in blocks to create a word (e.g. - Jinvani)
  • Immediately learn detail about that word (e.g. - A brief introduction of "Jinvani")
  • Impressive sound & effects
  • Multiple levels
  • Play more, score more & unlock more levels
  • Once (easy) registered, you no more require internet connection for playing game
  • Fetch more words from server using an automated syncing process

and many more ...

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